Aleksandar – Ace has been part of formal and no-formal educational programs such as NOMAD, SPAZIO, DanceWeb, 50 Days Fly Low and Passing Through and Critical Practice program (3rd generation). He graduates at the Master program in Choreography at DOCH in 2014.He has been exploring nomadic approaches in terms of working base, constantly replacing himself, but it is in the last 4 years when, while working, he defined four places he considers home/locality, (Stockholm, Sofia, Skopje and Tenerife). This is quite a different approach. It is rather politics of parallel/holographic existing than of constant self-shifting. This is translated also into his artistic interest, from long years of exploring principles of collective authorship, he is at the moment rather focusing on co-existing practices.Lately he initiated the choreographic research CO-series. The research works with different artistic practices and methods exploring the ideas of co-existence, hyper and holography through the prism of dance and choreography.Since 2008, he is actively working in the field of dance and choreography through many different approaches. As for his artistic works, they have been performed in many European venues and festivals. He is taking part in NGOs such as Garage/Bulgaria, Interimkultur/Sweden and also being a member of NOMAD network/Balkan based network. Recently, together with two other choreographers, Darío Barreto Damas and Zhana Pencheva, he has formed the cultural and artistic international project STEAM ROOM.

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