FLY LOW (training)

Fly Low is a technique which was established 30 years ago by dancer and choreographer, David Zambrano. 

It is remarkable in this technique the uses of body motions in a highly practical way, using minimum effort to reach maximum speed. This technique is thought for every single type of body. Its base is made by walking and spirals. After a certain practicing period, it comes the phase of sliding, which together with speed gives the feeling of flying low.

I would like to invite you for a training where we deal with the relations between gravity, speed, systems of walking and specific compactness of the body.

Documentation by Ana Lazarevska

THE POWER OF "S" (training)

The power of “S” is a training focused on the slow notions of warming up the body layer by layer. Within this proposal we will work around slowness, stimulation and satisfaction, (plural S), through a sensorial level. The class is based on body structural knowledge and somatic sensorial practices dealing primarily with touch, that will be used as an entering point to the dancing/performing body. 

This class contains materials from selected practices and principles of Klein technique, BMC and release technique.

Documentation by Maria Dacheva



Intuitive architecture as creation of a moving invisible space, created by movement that is formed temporarily. How to create areas or spheres ruled by movement mechanisms that facilitate the use of poetics and a non-consequential rational logic within the field of dance, performance and choreography?

This is a chance to practice intuitive systems of operation.

I want to shortly expose an anecdote through which I could bring some starting common understanding around system of intuitive architecture:

At a park. In front of you there are two people standing and talking; their position informs you that they are on the edge to split because they stand approximately 3m away and with almost a step made to leave. Walking towards them, you end up, accidentally, crossing between the two. This awakes you in a sensorial level, having a specific sensation within your body as if you have just crossed a tunnel or entered in a slightly vacuumed space. 

Those are the spaces I’m interested to propose in our working sessions, and those are the spaces we will try to DANCE within and through.

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