This digital hyper-body project is offering space for using[1] the choreographic[2] language in order to move and reflect[3] over the actual dynamics around[4] contemporary dance and choreography within couple of different contexts such as Bulgaria, N.Macedonia, Sweden and Spain[5]. It is a holographic text which moves and keep changing the shape and its content. One just need to follow the footnotes and links as a choreographic procedure for accessing this work.

This project is supported by Sofia Municipality through the initiative Solidarity in Culture, and it have been created in the period of May/Jun 2020, but its expansion, movement and changes are going to follow in the following months.

The initiative for hyper holographic moving text it is created due to the wish to propose choreographic perspective as a reflective[6] tool and use it especially now when the different[7] governments decided to deal differently with the pandemia and the so-called new ways of moving. New ways of working with choreography. New choreographies.

[1] For this project I have been strongly moved with the information choreography brings, as a primarily defined practice for writing down the movement.

[2] In this digital hyper body project the term choreography is used in its totality (some people love to call it expanded notion, but for me its just choreography as it is, rather a notion that includes its whole didactic, epistemological, historical and potential aspects of the term).

[3] Move and reflect it is a directive based construction that comes from my latest work which is dealing with future nostalgy, or the construction of future, based on vague memory for the future that we keep building but instead it just re-build itself. It is a specific state from which one practices such attention that it is able to move and be moved by the environment and while moving simultaneously one reflect over the movement and allow itself to be influenced by the reflection over the moving that is already happening with the movement that one wants to project in the future. It is a choreographic perspective for approaching reflection by moving (as a movement), or implementing the reflection in the moving, and not creating dogmas around the reflective procedures and approaching them as static practices or practices that defines certain end.

[4] “around” some(things). It is not focusing on what the offered discourses are, but rather on what the circumstances and materialities, through which these discourses can happen, could create: possibly a space for observing and talking for non-visible structures, hidden mechanisms, subtle mobility and many other formats that are actively moving and creating a movement around but does not have the tools for recognizing and validating it. Most importantly does not have developed language for it.

[5] Those are the places I’m operating in artistically, bureaucratically, or just simply choreographically.

[6] The reflections are based on observing the movement and sensation, produced by my own body placed in the choreography which is created by the environment I operate in.

[7] The term different here refers to: not the same as another or each other in relation to the four mentioned places above.

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