Organizer of CO-: Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia.

CO-creators: Elena Risteska, Aleksandar Georgiev and Viktorija Ilioska.

Design by Gjorgji Despodov.

Photographer of documentation: Ana Lazarevska.

Lead by the slogan -’Invite us to invite you’-, which comes out of our process and method of approaching work, we would like to share the program of our second edition called CO-existing. We are inviting you to read this report and CO-witness new artistic practices and proposals that this edition managed to -invite us to invite them-. This year there are 14 participants from different places and contexts. CO- existing is initiated and run by Nomad Dance Academy Macedonia. This project involves exchange on artistic and discursive level. CO-existing is a project/laboratory that invites teams of artists, engaged in works which are in progress or research platforms.

The artists are from different fields so it could cover the necessities and perspectives that are needed for possible collaborations such as: Choreographers, performers, dramaturgs, visual artists, contemporary theater, producers, photographers, sound artists and so on.  Even though participants are invited to participate together, the format allows for each individual to have time, space and facilities for pursuing individual artistic interests. Every artist invited have the space and facilities to propose any desired format for strengthening and requesting their work. Specific collaborations within the structure is initiated and realized through each partaking artist, by their own force and motivation. Meaning after inviting all participants, once they arrive in the common space, there is no necessity of supporting the image of team structures but rather supporting practices of CO-existing systems. This is the second edition of the CO-existing program with new constellation of artists.

CO- Fest Happening is a festival format imagined as space at which the structure of curating is not by system of choosing art works, but it’s rather by already chosen participants for the artistic residency, which would propose own works or works done by other artists that they would like to bring for the Macedonian local audience. In this proposed space, (in Skopje), we will function through the principle of CO-curation.

CO-meetings it is a closed-door meetings for discussing and analyzing approaches and strategies regarding the alternative production modes on level of locality and its networking with the already established connections.

Links with information about CO-existing program:

Facebook CO-existing

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