Freshly baked theater spaces

Co-authorship with Snezana Georgieva.

Performers: Aleksandar Georgiev, Snezana Georgieva and always one more person/artist in our surrounding.

Duration: 2-3 hours.

Performing places/dates: At Mälarhöjden collective house, Stockholm December 2013 Lokomotion 7 Festival, Skopje October 2014 “I’m organizing an event, (happening), in order to contextualize my work, inviting my mother Snezana Georgieva. Together we are going to create choreography, or choreography is going to create us; around, with, by and of freshly baked theater spaces. Therefore we would like to invite you to our HOME, where it will take place. There will be baked theater spaces all over: birthdays, name days, funerals, anniversaries and more. Pass by, come by, come and stay a bit, come and just stay, come and never go, come and keep on coming, come and be coming…”

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