(Bulgarian Language//adaptable for English)

NEON is project result of collective authorship between Aleksandar Georgiev – Ace, Zhana Pencheva and Irena Tsvetanova, (Garage Collective).

NEON focus is directed towards the celebrating/protesting body through approaching burlesque choreography formats and their usage of promiscuity, flirt and sexual steam in order to facilitate the appearance of poetic spaces. 

1. NEON Burlesque performance  A stage work performed in the night, facilitator of poetic spaces, sister of burlesque and a fragile and edgy atmosphere of celebration and protest. …flirtyness, elitism, grotesque, resistance, sarcasm and sex steam… Authors: Aleksandar Georgiev, Irena Tsvetanova, Zhana Pencheva. Music: Emilian Gatscov – Elbi, (BG). Visuals: Ralitsca Toneva, (BG).

2. NEON Lecture/Performance (Happening Choreography) Lecture orientated to explore the collective authorship system by proposing a common imaginative choreography/performance construction game. 

NEON is funded and supported by: Municipality of Sofia, (BG), Municipality of Burgas, (BG), Residence program Derida Dance Center. Project partners: Association Hamalogika, New Bulgarian University, Dance BG Social Center – Burgas, Youth Cultural Centre View Burgas, PowerFM Transmission at Atelie on BNT.

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