Store at room temperature

Co-authorship with Igor Koruga (Serbia).

Performers: Igor Koruga (Serbia), Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia/Bulgaria).

Duration: 50 min.

Performing places/dates:  11th of July 2010 Trafo theatre (Budapest, Hungary) 23th of October 2010 at Lokomotion3 festival YCC (Skopje, Macedonia) 18th of November and 16th of December 2010 at Cultural Center Rex (Belgrade, Serbia)  Store at room temperature is a co-authorship project that examines the pathetic/pathos and its presence in society. The project is focused on exploring perception of the pathos in modern society and debugging its modern and familiar meaning (such is i.e. hyperbolically, outrageous, overdone expression) with search for different/new ones (suffering, illness, passion, warmth, sublime etc.). The authors are interested to observe this dance performance as an intimate place where they can play with process of everyday choreographing and common human states through an honest and exaggerated representation, dealing then with pathetic approaches. Taken out from everyday context and placed in frame of theatre, even though perceived as funny, absurd, trivial, vulnerable, boring, personal or illustrative, patheticism finds it power. 

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