THRESHOL (in process “D”)

Choreography: Aleksandar Georgiev.

Performers: Ruta Nordmane (Latvia), Martina Nevistic (Croatia), Igor Koruga (Serbia), Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia/Bulgaria).

Duration: 30 min.

Performing places/dates:

• 21st of 2009 June at DIC theatre (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

• 28th of August 2009 Mladi Levi festival, PTL theatre (Ljubljana, Slovenia)

 • 27th of November 2009 at Dansa d’Autumno festival (Venice, Italy)

“I’m interested in the sensation of sending and receiving pain. In THRESHOLD we use the pain threshold and pain tolerance as resources for movement and as tools for creating different states and images within duration of the movement action. The intention is to play with perception of transfering inputs physical touch/pain. We invest in meaning switches and dedisidentifications in relation to the manners one accept the pain with.

This projects started with the experience of loosing possible diversities on how we perceive and experience touch/pain through time. The established routine our personal growth and culture force us to, make us operate sensorially mainly from memory, a single pathway. With THRESHOLD we aim to deconstruct sensations and acceptance policies, re-identifying our body relations.” 

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