When you don’t even care to doubt

Video by José Figueroa 

Photos by José Figueroa

Choreography: Aleksandar Georgiev.

Performers: Aleksandar Georgiev (Macedonia/Bulgaria), Nefeli Oikonomou (Greece), Viktorija Ilijoska (Macedonia), Kliment Poposki (Macedonia/Australia), Linn Ragnarsson (Sweden), Elias Girod (Finland).

Light: Johan Sundén (Sweden).

Sound: Elize Arvefjord (Sweden).

Duration: between 40 min and 100 min.

Premiere: MDT Stockholm April 2014. “I would like to invite you to my last allongé, the preparation for end, the end before it ends, or at list for saying goodbye to certain structures and relations. The prolonged period before IT becomes something, where you only have further forward directions. With constant prolongation IT ends up transforming its possible something-ness, evoking an active state of being. You are activated without knowing where to go, but you already gone. Is it important to go before you get there? Is it vibration and resonance being measured in the space, or are they measuring us? You are invited to build with us a hidden architecture, in intuitive timing, in empathy. Keep the question, what does move me and what do I move?”

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