S-HOLES (still in process)

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is a choreographic work resulting from CO-series – choreographic research, initiated by Aleksandar Georgiev. 


CO-series is a choreographic research initiated and facilitated by Aleksandar Georgiev, rather relating to work and working in longer term temporality, than to one-time project. The research works with different artistic practices and methods exploring the ideas of co-existence, hyper and holography through the prism of dance and choreography.

CO-series is imagined as a proposal with episodical structure. Each episode takes place in a different time and space with different collaborators. An episode gets created once there is some direction chosen by the team working on the research.

The research is realized through different residency periods with diverse colleagues invited by Aleksandar Georgiev. Primarily in the invitation for CO-series is not stated the status one needs to perform, but rather while working and framing certain interest, we create space of playfulness, which clarifies the statuses we would like to relate in this work. Once the direction of interest is eminent, we get focused on creating conditions for producing the choreographic work (creating an episode out of it). 2019 there were 3 episodes/choreographic works that got articulated: S-HOLES, SCREENSAVER and MONSTER. Here we will focus on the episode called S-HOLES which appeared as clear interest during the period of artistic residency at THOR studios in Brussels.

– choreographic work –

The anus as a black hole space that simultaneously sucks-in and spits-out, a specific part of our body which have strong physical relation with the mouth, by being connected with a long digestive tube, organs that warms the food, intestines, lots of bacteria’s, capillary, acids, pleasure receptors, veins, white blood cells, wrinkles, saliva, goo, appendix, curves and bumps almost like an attraction park, microbes, cuts, constantly touching and being touched in same time, sliding, creating a wall, blocking and collecting food and so on.

With this episode there is practical exploration of co-existing images and representations of staged performing art references by placing the anus as the main protagonist in those processes. By displacing the anus in how it is exposed and used in dance and theater context it starts to become transformable creature, a monster which have parallel realities and experiences about it and around it.

S-HOLES team of performers for now: Aleksandar Georgiev, Darío Barreto Damas, Zhana Pencheva.

S-HOLES choreographer: Aleksandar Georgiev.

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