Celebrate it!

Celebrate it! deals with the observation of the protest body as celebration and vice-versa, creating poetic space for dreaming, wondering, projecting and offering affectual movement in reciprocity. Celebrate it! occurs from zooming-in into the so-called disabled body and its social construction. What do we consider as necessary for the disposal of a reciprocal movement that would create an open poetic space for co-existing? How the so-called disabled body and its social construction can create diverse kinetic systems? Will the relations between the different kinetic systems, formed in reciprocity, create the potential for the Big Bang?

Celebrate it! comes after NEON, a project around the celebrating/protesting body through approaching burlesque choreography formats and their usage of promiscuity, flirt and sexual steam in order to facilitate the appearance of poetic spaces.

Authors: Zhana Pencheva and Aleksandar Georgiev.

Performers: Theodora Chakurova, Vanya Kostova, Veselka Toptcheva, Zhana Pencheva, Dimo Dimitrov, Ivan Demechev, Ivan Atanasov, Aleksandar Georgiev.

Artist/visuals/costume/set design: Ralitsa Toneva (BG).

Music: Stanislav Genadiev (BG).

Documentation: Miroslava Bacheva (BG). Celebrate it! is a project of Garage Collective and Hamalogika Burgas, (BG).

Funded by: Municipality of Burgas, (BG), and Ministry of Culture of Bulgaria. Project partners: Youth Cultural Center Burgas, Burgas Social Center, State Opera Burgas, BurgasBus, Sito Studio, Power FM, Viz!, Shops THRISHAR.

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